1. Interview for Creative ChitChat podcast

  2. Rewind video art archive

  3. British Artists Film & Video Study Collection

  4. My Walls, My Doors, My Space - response essay on future space

  5. Defenestration - published essay on UK new media art

  6. This alienated nation - think piece for conference at DCA

  7. The Mucky Fingerprints of Reality - published essay on photographic truth

  8. In a Land of Plenty - essay on Salford Quays

  9. Processing Fluid - published essay on moving image art in the UK

  10. The Flashing Prompt - published essay on new media and regeneration

  11. Emergent Properties - drafts for a publication on new media

  12. Moving Towards Acronymity - published essay on early media art

  13. Research - The Itemisation of Creative Knowledge - publication on the ITEM project


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